The Parish Council

North Crawley Parish Council has seven councillors elected to serve the community for a four year term. The current term of office ends in May 2019.

The Council is part of the first tier of local government, arguably the one that is the closest to the local community. The Council has certain responsibilities which it currently carries out including:

  • Maintenance of the open spaces within the parish area

  • Provision and maintenance of the bus shelter

  • Provision and emptying of litter and dog bins

  • Maintenance and management of North Crawley cemetery

  • Provision and maintenance of street furniture, e.g. seats, plant troughs

  • Maintenance of trees in open spaces

  • Maintenance of the war memorial

  • Trustee of North Crawley Institute

  • Right to lead on neighbourhood development plans

  • Right to challenge services that are provided by Milton Keynes Council

  • Right to be informed of planning applications being considered by Milton Keynes Council and to comment on them


The current members of North Crawley Parish Council are:


Liz Fryer 07836 245921

John Hobbs  01234 391274

Lucy Maclennan 07785 381475

Gary Magee 01234 391222

Esther Potts  07887 608999

James Sandall 07843 411472

Jo Small  01234 391430 (Chair)


Are you interested in becoming a Parish Councillor?

There are currently no vacancies for Parish Councillors in North Crawley.  The current term of office for the Councillors listed above ends in May 2019.   If you think you might be interested in becoming a Parish Councillor in the future, the following links will tell you more about the role:


The Clerk to the Parish Council is Mrs Pat Reynolds-Nunn to whom all matters concerning the Parish Council should be addressed

By Email:

By post: 25 Park Close, Moggerhanger, Bedfordshire, MK44 3RY

By phone: 01767 641281


Other useful contacts:

Your Milton Keynes Council councillors for the Olney Ward are Keith McLean, David Hosking and Peter Geary. They can be reached via email at

Your Member of Parliament is Mark Lancaster. You can contact him on or 01908 686830.